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Does access to computers improve employment rates for spinal cord injured clients?

Prepared by:

Jacquelyn Compton
Occupational Therapist / Rehabilitation Consultant
CRS Australia, Maroubra


28 November, 2002

Review Date:

November, 2004

Clinical Question:

Does access to computers improve employment outcomes for spinal cord injured clients?

Clinical Scenario:

CRS Australia City East Region is in close proximity to the Prince Henry Hospital, Spinal Injuries Unit. The region’s rehabilitation consultants liaise closely with the Spinal Injuries Unit to ensure early referrals are made to CRS to promote safe and early return to work. Access to computer technology is often recommended to enhance a spinal cord injured client’s likelihood to return to work. What is the evidence that access to computers does improve spinal cord injured client's return to employment outcomes?

Clinical Bottom Line:

Education, level of computer skill and computer training were found to be predictors of computer use for the spinal cord injured population. Computer use amongst the SCI population enhanced employment prospects and earning power of the SCI.
Similarly education and provision of computer technology and training to people with physical disabilities will improve their employment prospects.

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