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1. Netting the Evidence www.sheffield.ac.uk/~scharr/ir/netting/

University of Sheffield, School of Health and Related Research. Extensive list of EBP web sites, listed alphabetically. Includes links to journals, EBP discussion lists (via email), clinical guidelines sites, appraisal forms, tutorials in EBP.

2. University of Queensland Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Group (Australia)

The University of Queensland Evidence Based Occupational Therapy Group was formed with the aim of promoting and facilitating evidence based occupational therapy practice through teaching, research, continuing education and developing resources such as OTseeker. The site includes information on teaching, tips for locating research evidence and other links.

3. American Occupational Therapy Foundation www.aotf.org/html/evidence.html

This site contains learning resources on evidence-based practice, including reading lists and tutorials on database searching.

4. Centre for Evidence- Based Medicine (Canada) www.cebm.utoronto.ca

This site contains many useful resources (critical appraisal sheets, teaching resources, calculators for interpreting statistics). The site also serves as a support for the book "Evidence-based Medicine: How to practice and teach EBM" by David L. Sackett, Sharon E. Straus, W. Scott Richardson, William Rosenberg, and R. Brian Haynes.

5. Joanna Briggs Institute (Australia) www.joannabriggs.edu.au

This site contains systematic reviews, mostly related to the nursing profession. However, in 2002, allied health researchers were recruited to expand the focus of review topics. The systematic reviews can be downloaded, some for no cost. This site also includes 'Best Practice' information sheets that can be downloaded for no cost.

6. RehabTrials.org www.rehabtrials.org

RehabTrials is a registry of randomised controlled trials related to rehabilitation. Populations include people with spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, amputations, and studies with both adults and children. Interventions studied include technology and equipment, pressure garments, cushions, and constraint induced movement therapy.

7. SUMSearch www.sumsearch.uthscsa.edu/searchform45.htm

SUMSearch is a search tool for evidence-based medical information. The site links you to a number of key databases such as MEDLINE, the Database of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE). The search engine is designed to select the most appropriate source, format the search query, and provide key documents for the searcher.

8. Turning Research Into Practice (TRIP) Database www.tripdatabase.com/index.cfm

The TRIP Database is a search engine that covers 61 sites. This means that the user potentially has direct access to the ‘largest collection’ of evidence-based material on the web as well as articles from on-line journals such as the BMJ and JAMA

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