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Critical appraisal forms

There are multiple forms available on the internet for critically appraising published research. Forms are available for appraising systematic reviews, RCTs. Qualitative research, cohort studies, diagnostic tests/assessments. Most can be downloaded and saved on your hard drive in PDF format, then printed out for use as required. The forms seem to change every 6-12 months, as knowledge and ideas develop. Remember to check that you are using the current version of a form. If using the forms for teaching purposes, always email the authors/site and seek their permission first.

1. CASP: Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (UK) www.phru.nhs.uk/Pages/PHD/CASP.htm

This site includes critical appraisal forms for systematic reviews, RCTs, cohort studies, qualitative research and tutorials on quantitative and qualitative methodological issues. The forms are updated each year. If one of the forms that you wish to use is being revised and is not available on-line, email the site authors and they will send the information to you via email.

2. McMaster University Occupational Therapy Evidence Based Practice Research Group (Canada) www.srs-mcmaster.ca/

This site has existed since 1998, and contains critical appraisal forms and accompanying guidelines (quantitative and qualitative). The accompanying guidelines are particularly useful for anyone that is unsure about study designs and research terms. The guidelines are, in effect a mini-tutorial. The appraisal forms have not been modified since 1998.

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